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Welcome to GG Kargo, LLC !

Do you need to ship a balikbayan box to the Philippines?  Or, would you like to ship from port to port?  Look no further, we can help!

GG Kargo, LLC has been helping clients send their personal items to the Philippines and to most ports in the world since 2008.  We have been told that we are one of the most reliable Balikbayan Box shipping companies in our area, and are especially known for our safety, attention to detail, speed, reliability, large boxes - and competitive flat rate pricing.

Our experience has taught us to create specific shipping plans that best meet your individual needs. As a result, much of our business comes from satisfied customer referrals (see Testimonials). 

  Our Services include:
  • At Your Door Box Pickup and Delivery.
  • Box Tracking.
  • International Port-to-Port Shipment.
  • We Ship Any Size Box and Most Odd Sized Items.
  • Insurance - We will insure your Box up to $200.00 (USD) in the event your box is lost and does not arrive at its final destination.  However, because we don't pack a customer's box, we are not responsible for its contents.
  5 Things That Separate Us from the Crowd:
  • Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Fast Shipping and On Time Delivery. 
  • Flat Rate Box Shipment to Anywhere in the Philippines.
  • We offer a network of Agents that can assist you with your shipment.
  • We ship almost anything, just ask!


We Ship To:  (We only ship FROM the United States)

  • Philippines
    • Metro Manila
    • Luzon
    • Visayas
    • Mindanao
  •  International Port to Port Shipping 

Our Service Area Includes

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Southern Virginia
  • Tennessee (Nashville and Surrounding Areas)

Shipping prices vary by City and State. Call to inquire.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED  (Visa/MC)  (4% convenience fee)

Balikbayan Shipping Update  

To Our Customers:
Please note that there are ongoing delays in Manila due to port congestion that have not been resolved by the Philippine government.  Balikbayan box shipments are taking longer to be received by your Consignee as a result.
We apologize for any inconveniences as this is outside of our control.  Salamat.


Important News!

 For Information about Balikbayan Boxes, go to the "Resource/FAQ" tab



Notice from Commissioner of Customs regarding increase in duties and taxes.

Dear Valued Partners,
We write to inform you of the imposition by the Commissioner of Customs of increases in the duties
and taxes to be paid for all containerized shipments coming in from the U.S., Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, Europe, and Asia. The amounts of these increases vary according to the container size.
Kindly see the email below from our Customs Broker for the respective amounts and to give you a
picture of the situation here at the North and South Harbors and the effects of the increases on
all forwarding companies whose shipments are being held for non-payment of the additional taxes and

While we have held off from informing you since last week of the need to pay the additional duties
and taxes for your containers in the hope that the unilateral action of the Customs Commissioner
will be checked by the national government or otherwise recalled, it appears from the present
situation that these payments are unavoidable and will have to be made if your containers are to be
released in the same period of time as before and not be subjected to a 100% examination of the
boxes. But that is only until today for containers that can be released by today. By Monday, 10
August 2015, the Bureau of Customs will start to conduct a 100% examination of the boxes, and this
will involve full stripping of all the boxes and the payment of the actual customs duties and taxes
of all items in the boxes which are found to be taxable. We have been informed by our Customs
Broker and our contacts at the Bureau of Customs that these procedures have already been conducted
against several companies, the latest of which was Manila Forwarders which was assessed the amount
of almost PhP300,000 on top of the regular duties and fees that have to be paid.

In order to protect our interests – specifically the avoidance of the delayed release of the
container for a period of three (3) weeks or more after full stripping – we are now constrained to
ask from you the appropriate increase in the customs duties and taxes for all containers that are
already awaiting customs processing and for all subsequent containers to be shipped to Manila.

We sincerely hope you understand that paying the increased duties and taxes is the only way for us
to avoid the lengthy delays in the release of your containers.

Kindly take note, however, that should the increased duties and taxes be recalled or struck down as
illegal, we shall immediately cease from billing you the additional duties and taxes imposed.

Thank you very much for your understanding and prompt action.

Very truly yours,



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Many companies operate without proper insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move.

With GG Kargo, LLC you can relax – our insurance covers up to $200.00 in the event your box is lost or does not arrive at its final destination!


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